Our Mission


T2CM is a solution that extracts value from mine tailings, recovering valuable elements and water, and converting the rest into construction materials for sustainable infrastructure.

T2CM is a solution designed to adapt to the variability of tailings, making it applicable to any mining operation.

T2CM develops complementary processes to the mining operation, without altering its current configuration and operation.

Sustainable Project

The driving force of T2CM is sustainability and circular economy in mining processes, positively impacting the environment, the territory and people.

Waste management

Little to no waste by allocating waste to other industries.

Environmental and social impact

Reduction of environmental liabilities due to dams and construction materials with a lower CO2 footprint (gravel and cement).

Community management

Early participation in the community, communicating the true objective.

Social value

New jobs in the construction and operation of facilities.

T2CM circular economy

The core aspect of T2CM is the integration of technologies to transform tailings into safe and sustainable construction materials.

The proposal implements a new proprietary development process integrated with proven technologies, taking advantage of more than 10 years of R&D of the team in tailings and circular economy.