We give value to

mine tailings

Turning them into construction materials for sustainable infrastructures



T2CM is a unique, innovative, versatile, economical, sustainable and simple solution. T2CM uses a combination of physical and chemical processes that prepare tailings for further use.



Designed to operate under a wide range of conditions

Requires low investment and low operating costs, maximizing its return through the recovery of valuable metals, water recovery and minimization of energy use

Its process flow is simple and based on a mix of proven technologies and new proprietary developments from T2CM


Our impact

T2CM in the media

InduAmbiente magazine publication “Circular Economy and Waste”

InduAmbiente magazine publication “Circular Economy and Waste”

Publication in the magazine InduAmbiente Nº186 in the "Circular Economy and Waste" section. Our project generates several positive impacts since in addition to reducing environmental liabilities, we also managed to reduce the environmental footprint of aggregates,...